My Gear

Camera / Editing Gear

iPad Pro 2020 12.9” 256gb Wifi w/ CellularCurrent main editing “machine” with LumaFusion / Lightroom
Hyperdrive 6 in 1 USB Adapter for iPadAdapter for getting Photos from Canon SD to the iPad
SanDisk 64gb SD CardStandard SD Card
Canon T5iMain body camera used for shooting video and photography (Upgraded version here: Canon T7i)
GoPro Hero 4 BlackAny overhead kitchen shots or other applicable “action” (Upgraded version here: GoPro Hero 8)
Google Pixel 3Handheld shots, when I don’t want to deal with any “cameras” for video
Canon 50mm LensCheap lens I’ve been using for years. The f1.8 makes it great for low light and bokeh
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 LensBeautiful wide angle lens I use for mainly landscapes, wide shots, and occasional astrophotography
Amazon Basics 60″ TripodStandard tripod for shooting

Notable Kitchen Equipment

Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s KnifeThe main chef’s knife in our kitchen
Oxo Multi-scraperMainly for scraping / cutting dough (pizza, bread, etc…)
Digital Kitchen ScaleMeasuring for baking and/or portioning of food
Oxo Utility Cutting BoardSolid, no bs cutting board with a large area to cut on
Lodge Cast Iron 10.5″ SkilletThe most used skillet in our kitchen and go-to cast iron
Nordic Ware Baker’s Half SheetsFantastic baking sheets, full aluminum hold up extremely well
Lavatools Instant Food ThermometerAn absolutely must for cooking pretty much any meat and/or checking done-ness in bread
KitchenAid Stand Mixer (Artisan 5 Quart)Highly useful for most baking and breadmaking. Mixing sugars and butter together in one of these is extremely handy.
Anova Nano Sous Vide 750wEntry level Sous Vide — been perfect for us making meats. Don’t really use the app at all.

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