Making Acoustic Panels

This article I’ve had stored away for a while:

I finally got around to completing a couple of the panels in the following video. Helped a lot with some of the sound in the room.

Tools Used:


  • Black Matte Milliskin 6 yards (Product 796) from Spandex World
  • 3 or 4 – 1×4 Pine boards from Home Depot
  • R15 Insulation from Home Depot

Using the Kreg pocket Jig we make a basic frame with a few pine boards from home depot. After this, we basically insert some R15 Insulation in the frame and spray glue to adhere it to the sides. Once the insulation is in the frame we can optionally put in some more pine boards across to help stabilize the center of the insulation.

After the insulation is in the frame and we’re happy to wrap, use some Milliskin to wrap one side of the frame using a staple gun. Once the one side of the frame is stapled and smooth, install some hangers on the corners of the frame to hang from the ceiling or wall for your usecase.

These are pretty much the basics to creating simple acoustic panels.

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