MagSafe for your Devices

Using NetDot’s USB adapters, you can get a MagSafe similiar USB charging for any micro usb, lightning, or USB-C port!

Not sure why I put off looking for something like this for so long, but I looked these up a month or two ago and am glad I stumbled upon them. These adapters are super helpful if you have a variety of devices or if you want some convenience to charging and swapping out cables.

With having devices such as the iPhone with Lightning, Google Pixel with USB-C, iPad Pro with USB-C, headphones with Micro-USB, it can get frustrating having the right cable. This is a great solution in combining them for charging and data connections. I’m always hopeful that everything will switch to USB-C, but for now this does a great job.

Not only that, but the magnetic functionality is fantastic. It’s pretty much like Apple’s MagSafe charging port like they’ve had with their MacBook lineup (before they got rid of it…). Which would have been cool to see in many more devices given it’s convenient feature. Particularly for me, using this in the car is super helpful hopping in and out and not struggling to take a few second to pop the cable in. It is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay which is great, I was originally worried about if it would support the speed, but it does.

Would highly recommend checking these out in the video, where I demonstrate how they work. Showing off the little adapters that they came with. The cable that also comes with the adapters and putting them in a few devices. MagSafe USB Charging, is super convenient and wish I saw this more.

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